Current materials in the curriculum:

Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Textbook. This comprehensive textbook more than adequately covers every aspect of the barbering profession as required for all written and practical exams.
• Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Student Workbook.
• Many Theory Class lessons are supplemented by handouts given to students from this workbook. These handouts are intended
to be completed at the students' own pace in preparation for the corresponding Theory exam.
• Milady's Standard Professional Barbering Exam Review.
• The majority of all written exams are compiled from various chapters corresponding with the Theory and Practical lessons from
this book.
• Excerpts from the Ohio State Barber Board's Rules & Regulations as released by this governing body.
• Material relevant to the barbering industry; Business Management; Professionalism/Personal Development from the school's
Learning Resources Library System.
• Various visual and interactive aids including Laminated Medical Reference Posters, Flash Cards, and Mock Barbershop
Applications and Floor Plans
• Guest Speakers (when available).