Non-Discrimination Statement

The Administrative Director will be responsible for coordinating compliance efforts and for investigating any complaint of discrimination pursuant to the Non-Discrimination Policy.

The Ohio State College of Barber Styling practices no discrimination in Policies and Procedures, Admissions, Instructional, or Graduation of students regardless of Race, Religion, Creed, Color, Sex, National Origin, Age or Handicap.

Students may occasionally be required to perform certain Barbering Services on members of the opposite sex, such as Haircuts, Facials, Thermal Iron, and Chemical Services. Irrespective of religious convictions, ALL students are required to serve Clinic Floor customers as they are assigned. A student MAY NOT discriminate against who they will or will not serve.

The Ohio State College of Barber Styling is committed to the Training Program being offered free from any discrimination on the basis of Handicap. No otherwise qualified person shall, on the basis of Handicap, be excluded from or denied the benefits of any Training Program of the College.

With respect to this commitment, the College shall make services available as necessary to ensure equal opportunity to benefit from the Training Program to the handicapped.

Students interested in obtaining information with respect to the existence and location of services, activities and facilities that are accessible and usable by handicapped persons may do so by contacting the Administrative Office.