1) Net Price Calculator

2) Gainful Employment Disclosure

3) Institutional Information
a) Facilities
b) Faculty/Administrative Staff
c) Accreditation
d) Diversity of Students
e) Non Discrimination Statement
f) FERPA / Safeguard and Security Statement
g) Copyright

4) Admissions / Advising
a) Admissions Requirements
b) Curriculum/Program Offerings
c) Tuition Costs **
d) Additional Costs
e) Transfer of Credits
f) Textbooks
g) Licensing Requirements
h) Satisfactory Progress Policy
i) Drug & Alchohol Prevention
j) Withdrawal from Program (Refund Policy)

5) Financial Aid / Title IV
a) HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act)
b) Tuition Costs **
c) Funding Sources

6) Student Services
a) Students Rights and Responsibilities
b) Learning Resources Center
c) Housing
d) Voter Registration
spacere) Student Records
spacerf) Aid to Students Requiring Extra Assistance
spacerg) Other Student Services

7) Occupational Outcomes
a) Graduation
b) Placement

8) Safety and Security
a) Emergency Action Plan
b) Campus Security
c) Crime Statistics