Learning Resources Library System

Ohio State College of Barber Styling has a very comprehensive Learning Resources Library System compiled to enhance the 1800-hour barber course training requirement stipulated by the Ohio State Barber Board.  The Director of Education and Curriculum Specialist manage the content and storage of the Learning Resources Library System and recommendation additions.  PAC members are provided with a list of the contents of this system for their review and approval with content recommendations solicited at least annually.  All students, faculty and staff are encouraged to make use of these educational materials.

The Learning Resource Library Systems consists of various books and videos that define and demonstrate aspects of barbering as well as detailed topics regarding business management and professionalism.  Currently this system consists of  83 visual video learning aids, 74 professional industry related publications, a complete encyclopedia set, a dictionary, a thesaurus, numerous wall charts depicting various cross-section views of relative study materials, and monthly industry career related periodicals. 4 new training DVDs and 10 publications were purchased and added to the Learning Resource Library this year including new books and instructional DVDs.