OSBC wishes to discourage unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material in the strongest practical terms including illegal downloading or student-to-student distribution of intellectual property.

Copyright is the exclusive right granted to the author of a work to produce or sell such things as books, motion pictures, works of art, musical compositions, software, broadcasts, or similar products. Its purpose is to promote expanded production of such work by giving authors the incentives of profits from such production.

Throughout the course of your education, you will come across many items that are copyrighted among these are textbooks, OSBC's own Student Handbook and Student Catalog and other works, on which you may or may not notice a symbol like ©, designating copyrighted work. It is inappropriate to make unauthorized copies of such work

Copyright infringement, violating any of the author's rights to make copies, license, or otherwise profit from his creations, is a serious offense and may be subject to civil (monetary) or criminal penalties, including school sanctions of verbal, written warnings, suspension, or termination.

It is permissible to use very limited portions of a work including quotations for your own studies here at OSBC. Although there are no legal rules permitting the use of a specific number of words or a particular percentage of a work, it is likely best to keep such copies to a minimum, not to distribute such material, and never to profit off of such copying.

If you have any questions, the following Web site of the U.S. Copyright office contains answers to many frequently asked questions: