1) Net Price Calculator

2) Institutional Information
a) Facilities
b) Faculty/Administrative Staff
c) Accreditation
d) Diversity of Students
e) Copyright

3) Admissions / Advising
a) Admissions Requirements
b) Curriculum/Program Offerings
c) Tuition Costs **
d) Additional Costs
e) Transfer of Credits
f) Textbooks
g) Licensing Requirements
h) Withdrawal from Program (Refund Policy)

4) Financial Aid / Title IV
a) HEOA (Higher Education Opportunity Act)
b) Tuition Costs **
c) Funding Sources

5) Student Services
a) Students Rights and Responsibilities
b) Housing
spacerc) Other Student Services

6) Occupational Outcomes
a) Graduation & Placement

7) Safety and Security
a) Emergency Action Plan
b) Campus Security
c) Crime Statistics

8) List of State Reciprocity Requirements for Barbers