Student Advising

Student advising is available at any time. Students are encouraged to direct any questions or concerns about the College, any policies and procedures, or any issues concerning members of the Faculty and Staff to a School Director.


The Ohio State College of Barber Styling recognizes that (at times) a student's misunderstanding may cause a temporary state of confusion. Therefore, should there be a misunderstanding, miscommunication, questions or concerns, the student is directed to speak with a School Director. Any Administrative / Instructional staff member will assist the student in setting up an appointment to discuss any issues.

Public Transportation

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) runs directly in front of the college, and has a covered bus stop. Pricing can be determined by contacting COTA.

Student Housing

The Ohio State College of Barber Styling provides no institutional housing.

Out of town students requiring housing near campus should contact the Ohio State College of Barber Styling Administrative Office for assistance.