Other Student Services

OSBC provides a variety of assistance in informing students of services available in the community.

Public Transportation is available through the Central Ohio Transit Authority, with a covered bus stop directly in front of the school.
OSBC provides no institutional housing; however, the Student Services Coordinator assists out-of-town students who require housing near campus with advice and retain recent publications concerning housing availability and accompanying prices.

Upon demand, OSBC will seek and maintain information on babysitting services, information on local child care facilities, drug and alcohol treatment centers, voter registration, domestic violence centers, Job and Family Services as well as information concerning substance and alcohol abuse counseling for students matching such needs.

Students are encouraged to reach for the highest attainable level of barber stylist, the Blue Jacket designation.  This allows for the opportunity to earn an additional certificate upon graduation and sets such graduates apart from those of other schools when seeking employment.

OSBC has often provided additional awareness classes outside basic barbering skills in the form of a 1000-Hour Class.  The 1000-Hour Class provides students with basic business knowledge including tax preparation and financial planning. 

Field trips include barber supply stores and barber shops scheduled by faculty.